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Best nakshatra for conceiving

Best nakshatra for conceiving

The term "Nakshatra," when broken down into its constituent parts: "naks" meaning "sky" and "shetra" meaning "region", translate into "Sky Map. The Nakshtras too are divided into three groups or 'Ganas'.

Punarvasu may not be termed the 'Best', but this Nakshatra has an inherent quality, people have ups and downs but they gather the courage to fight the obstacles after their down-times and bring the good times again.

Lord Rama is said to be from Punarvasu Nakshatra perhaps the 4th charan which is most powerfuland he brought Goodness again and after the Vana-Vasa he aquired his lost respect, his Wife, established goodness and righeousness in Lanka and became walthy again.

Another thing I have noticed is that it is said that the 14 day war of Mahabharata happened during the Punartvasu Nakshatra being significant on Kurukshetra, after downfall of Pandavas they launched the War campaign and had victory, so they Became Wealthy again, established Dharam-Sthapana so the region of Hastinapura region became Good.

Abhijit nakshatra is the best. Lord Kalki's birth star is also Abhijit. Ok, well I read what you had to say. Sounds really interesting and complicated for someone like me who has no knowledge of astrology. Thx for taking time out to share this with us! You may email with your reply! Answer Save. Best Nakshatra For Baby Boy. Another thing I have noticed is that it is said that the 14 day war of Mahabharata happened during the Punartvasu Nakshatra being significant on Kurukshetra, after downfall of Pandavas they launched the War campaign and had victory, so they Became Wealthy again, established Dharam-Sthapana so the region of Hastinapura region became Good Again Farin Lv 4.

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best nakshatra for conceiving

You can sign in to vote the answer. I think pushyam cancer these people are very noble and very loving in relationships. My partner is a Rohini and I am a Purvaasada nakshatra. Which one are you? Vincent Gnanaraj 4 years ago Report. Lord Kalki's birth star is also Abhijit Thank You.

Sanjay 6 years ago Report. Emily Lv 4.Good post may help many people looking for options to have kids. I liked the picture most.

Which is the best nakshatra in astrology?

Hi I am poonam am. Birth place-bap phalodi jodhpur. Please send me an email at jyotishremedy gmail. Hi Gaurav, Could you please help me out with the best times for Cesarean operation in the day on 7 Nov Thanks, Harsha Swaroop. Hi Sir, First of all I would like to thank you for taking all the time and writing informative posts for readers.

I like it specially for being to the point and easy to understand. I was born on 3. It would be grateful if you could help me with my question: 1. Me and my husband are trying to conceive. I was told that I have shani dhaiya starting from november Now I am very much stressed by this ,would we be able to conceive before ?

Can Shani dasa have effect on getting pregnant? I am a firm believer of god but still I cannot keep myself from thinking about will I able to get pregnant and when all the time. My job front have never been very much rewarding, should I invest in further studies,like MS. Would it be worth taking loan and studying. There is one more general question, as I read in one of your post.

One should not have intercourse while fasting. When we are trying to conceive can we have intercourse on important festivals like navratra, shivratri etc Thanks a lot and God bless.

I will have to look at your horoscope in detail to suggest anything related to job and children but I can definitely tell that intercourse should be avoided at all costs during navratras and fasting. Hi gaurav I due date is 14 june and conceived on 21 sep Hello Gaurav ji I got married in and has not conceived yet. We both r very disturb. Plz tell when I will be able to conceive?

Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology

Time 00 : 05am. Place - chandigarh of husband is d. Time - 10 : 25pm. Place - chandigarh. Dear Sir, My d.Products Distinguished clients F.

It was the first astrology article getting published in a highly technical medical journal. Sexual union, pregnancy and reproduction of human species are the essentials on which the world exists. Sexual union should never be based upon simple sense gratification. The time of conception " Garbhadhaana " is very important and should be carefully planned.

T he value of time is inestimable. All objects in nature are produced in "Time", developed in "Time" and destroyed in "Time". The truth of these statements requires no further proof. It stands unchallenged. Time has got it's own properties.


Creative, protective and destructive forces are embedded in the womb of time. If there could be a tool, which can give us a clue as to when the various kinds of creative and destructive forces are in operation, it would be of great help.

A person can time his efforts to do the right thing at the right moment so that his activities are in harmony with the laws of nature. Best dates for nuptials Best intra-day time slots. Carl Jung says " W hatever is born or done this moment of time has the qualities of this moment of time ". There is sacredness about sexual functions, and when moral and spiritual considerations are not respected and brought into play, the result will be most unsatisfactory and all sorts of undesirable progeny would be the products of promiscuous cohabitation.

best nakshatra for conceiving

Maharishies have given us clues as to how best we can make use of the grand constructive vibrations operating in nature if our endeavors are to be endowed with success. The rest of the constellations are to be rejected. At the time of nuptials, no planet should occupy the 8th house. If one is adept in astrology or has a keen desire to explore the mysteries of this science, then Ashtakvarga system should be applied for much finer results.

Ashtakvarga is a branch of Vedic Jyotish which fell into disuse due to laborious and error prone calculations involved.

Plan My Baby - Plan Genius Child Through Birth astrology

But with the advent of computers, Ashtakvarga has become the subject of modern times. Our ancient sages never advocated for a "son" - but for a "virtuous son". All their astrological wisdom has been applied so that an intelligent and dutiful son could be born to a couple.

Ashtakvarga system needs that date chosen by the couple for nuptials should confirm to the following set of conditions simultaneously:. If a female child is desiredJupiter should be in a female planet's kakshya. Female planets are Venus and the Moon.Enter something special:.

Each Nakshatra has its particular power or Shakti. These are also the powers of the Devatas or the deities that rule them. The symbols used are those of common factors such as plants, healing, worship, marriage and death. This is a teaching that derives from an ancient Vedic text called Taittiriya Brahmana I.

The first paragraph below relates to the textual reference. The others consists of my own comments based upon it. Note that this is a special teaching that I first uncovered and translated around twenty years ago, though many Vedic astrologers have since come to use and refer to it.

It mainly refers to positions of the Moon but can be extended to the ascendant and other planets. Ashwini is governed by the Ashwins, the twin horsemen. It has the power to quickly reach things shidhra vyapani shakti. Its basis above is the creatures to be healed.

Its basis below is the healing therapies. From these three, the entire world becomes free of disease. Ashwini Nakshatra brings about quick aid and energization. The Ashwins are forces of Prana or the life-force, which is quick in its action to stimulate, help, and initiate a new level of activity.

Ashwini Nakshatra involves these powers of speed, prana, electrical energy and Shakti. It gives transformation through balance.

Ashwini gives good powers of hearing, learning and attention. It is an important Nakshatra for doctors, psychologists and innovative leaders, affording good insight and original ideas. Bharani is ruled by Yama, the God of Death. It has the power to take things away apabharani shakti. Its basis above is the removal of life from the body. Its basis below is the carrying of the soul to the realm of the ancestors.

By the combination of these three factors, creatures move on to the next world. Bharani Nakshatra takes away that which has reached its term of life in order to go on to a new condition. It shows the movement of the soul away from the body. Yama guides the soul to the astral plane, where it can experience the result of its karma from the present life and prepare for the life to come. Yama is a figure of discipline and sacrifice, including the practice of YOga This Nakshatra has general powers to bring about change by removing that which is negative or past its time.

Krittika is ruled by Agni, the God of Fire. It has the power to burn dahana shakti and to purify. Its basis above is heat and below is light. The result of these three is burning or purification. Krittika Nakshatra burns up negativity, purifies what is mixed or contaminated, and cooks or prepares that which is not yet ripe.Wednesday, October 3, Some tips if you are planning to conceive. The first three nights from marriage are forbidden for maithuna and also the fifth night.

Based on horoscope and panchangam. Avoid Kanya rasi for conception lagna. Avoid the second half of the months, Karkataka, Dhanus, Kumbha and Meena in sauramana. Avoid janma naskatra and the 2 anujanmas for both husband and wife.

Avoid chaturthi, ashtami,navami, ekadashi,dvadashi harivasara periodchaturdashi, amavasya, purnima ,sankranthi, eclipses and ashtaka kala.

At the time of conception, the moon should be ideally traversing the 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th rasis from the husband's janma rasi with benefic aspects from Guru and Sukra. Maithuna should be strictly avoided during vows and wherever brahmacharya is prescribed such as on days when pitrukarya is done. The tithis and nakshatras at the time of maithuna should be taken into consideration and not at sunrise. Based on the menstrual cycle. Avoid maithuna itself in the first four nights of menstruation.

This will cause debility in sperm quality. The ovum will not be healthy in such cycles. How to find this? Start counting from your janma rasi taking that as the 1st. Identify the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th rasis from there.

Find out which nakshatras come under these rasis. Find out the nakshatra of the 1st day of menstruation from the panchangam. Starting from the 5th night from the 1st day of menstruation till the 16th night is the fertile period.

The conception should happen during night only. A child conceived during day may develop undesirable character and vices. Conceiving on the 11th and 13th nights from the first day of menstruation should be avoided at any cost. Conception on the 11th night will lead to birth of a female child of loose character. A child born out of conception in the 13th night will be female and will be constantly engaged in committing various sins.

The 7th night from the first day of menstruation should also be avoided as the child born thus is likely to be short lived. Those desirous of a male child should try and conceive on the 6th, 8th,10th,12th,14th or 16th nights from the 1st day of menstruation. Those desirous of a female child should conceive on the 5th, 9th or 15th nights.

They should possess only noble thought during these days as it will have great impact on the child to be born. No wonder we have too many bad people around us these days!!!!!! Email This BlogThis! Newer Post Older Post Home.How to plan your healthy and lucky child before pregnancy and birth - The article to know the auspicious days and best time for baby birth through the astrology methods and Indian scriptures, for the planning of an unborn baby.

Learn how to plan the future of a genius child before being pregnant. It is also interesting to keep the baby name according to name numerology for better luck of the child. So, many parents want to plan the baby before birth, through the astrology for their better health and future of the baby.

Here are many astrology methods for this to plan a child before birth or to know good day for baby birth. The actual life journey of a baby begins in the womb, when a woman conceived. This born baby astrology describes auspicious days to conceive a child. But how. Well, you have to know the best time before being pregnant for an intercourse.

Thousands of years ago, Indian sages discover the auspicious time to conceive a child, according to astrology and Vedic discipline, so that, the child will have a bright future, good luck and healthy in life.

In the "Markendaya Puran" scripture this is the part of VedaMadalasa said to her son Alerk for the planning of childbirth, that, parents should avoid the first four days of menstruation for intercourse, and intercourse should be done in some specific even or odd nights for the child. According to Indian sages and astrology, parents should follow these rules if these below rules have conjunction with these odd or even nights.

Because good conjunctions of Nakshtra, Thithi, days make it safe and easy and will be good for a baby. These rules apply to both boy and girl baby. It can be planned according to nights. Planning a baby birth by astrology Intercourse should be done at specific even night or odd nights. Count the day or night first of menstruation as odd and second as even and so on ahead. If intercourse nights have conjunctions with these auspicious Nakshatra, it will be good for baby birth according to astrology.

If intercourse nights have conjunctions with these auspicious Thithi, it will be good for childbirth according to astrology.

These days said to be good for conceiving a child, if above Nakshtra are having conjunctions with these days. These are the bad Nakshatra which should be avoided for the intercourse nights.

best nakshatra for conceiving

Generally, astrology considers these Nakshtra as bad for any auspicious work. Some Rikta Thithi and other Indian Thithi consider bad for conceiving a child.

प्रेग्नेंट कैसे बने? - How to get pregnant or conceive? - Hindi - Dr. Supriya Puranik

So avoiding these Thithi are suggested. These days given below assumes bad for pregnancy purpuse, according to astrology.The Ancient Sages divided the zodiac apart from twelve signs into 27 Nakshatras or constellations of A Nakshatra is also called as lunar mansion or constellation. Its reference is found in the ancient Vedic scriptures. As per the Hindu mythology, all the twenty seven Nakshatras are the daughters of king Daksha and Moon is married to all of them and the Moon spends approximately one day each in one constellation and thus lunar month is of approximately of 27 days equal to the numbers of Nakshatras.

Nakshatras are classified as per several attributes like its owner, deity, sex, caste, species etc. The Nakshatra, in which one's Moon is placed at the time of birth, is called Janma Nakshatra or the birth star. These Nakshatras are further subdivided into four quarters known as Pada, each spanning 3. The placement of planets in these padas or subdivisions is studied for finer predictions.

Each zodiac sign covers nine Padas in total. Thus we can see that Nakshatras are used for various purposes and one of its major uses is to determine starting point of a dasha or planetary period or cycles that divide the time in major periods and sub periods and to choosing a muhurtha or auspicious time for any important activity. As per with their qualities, the 27 constellations are divided into following categories and are favorable muhurtha for:. These constellations are favorable for any work of fixed, stability and long term purpose like planting trees, purchasing property, laying the foundations for buildings, construction of home, factory etc.

This will be more auspicious if these nakshatras happen to fall on Sunday. These constellations are favorable for buying automobiles, vehicles, gardening, going on journey and travel. This will be more auspicious if these nakshatras happen to fall on Monday. These constellations are favorable for destructive deeds such as demolishing any structure, setting fires, making imprisonment and works that require force, weapons and confronting enemies.

This will be more auspicious if these nakshatras happen to fall on Tuesday. These constellations are favorable for trade and commercial transactions, admission in school or college, using medicine, taking or giving loans, journey and travel.

This will be more auspicious if these nakshatras happen to fall on Thursday. These constellations are favorable for making new friends and enjoyment of pleasures, romance, dance, drama, fashionable clothes, writing of poetry. This will be more auspicious if these nakshatras happen to fall on Friday. These constellations are favorable for filing for a divorce, black magic, casting spells, exorcism, punishment, hypnotism, evoking of spirits, goblins, demons etc.

This will be more auspicious if these nakshatras happen to fall on Saturday. The Misra or mixed nakshatras are Krittika and Vishakha.

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