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Heavy m projects

Heavy m projects

The recovery vehicle is the latest variant of the M88 family and is used effectively for rescuing disabled tanks from the battlefield. It offers improved performance, survivability and responsiveness than the M88A2 recovery vehicle. M88A3 meets the requirement of single-vehicle recovery gap as it eliminates the need for two vehicles for raising and moving tanks.

heavy m projects

The contract was awarded under other transactional authority OTA acquisition model. The M88A2 vehicles, which are currently operational, are unable to perform single-vehicle recovery of the Abrams weighing up to 80t during all conditions due to additional weight and survivability improvements made on the tank.

BAE Systems invested in independent research and development for developing M88A3 to perform single-vehicle recovery of the tank. Upon completion of the prototype, the vehicle will be tested in FY to confirm technical solutions and meet performance requirements.

The effort allows the construction and delivery of up to nine M88A3 prototype vehicles to meet the requirements specified in the RWP by modifying M88A2 vehicles provided by the US Government. The prototypes will later be tested to meet the requirements of the procedure specification. The vehicle will then be produced based on the contractual agreements. The M88A3 Hercules vehicle will be capable of performing hoisting, winching, and towing operations for advanced battle tanks.

The enhancements will improve the speed, hoisting and winching capacity, survivability and reliability of the vehicle. The recovery vehicle will offer a range of upgraded features including modernised power-train for improving horsepower and torque as well as a seventh road-wheel for increasing stability. It will also be equipped with improved armour protection for increased survivability.

The M88A3 recovery vehicle will have an overall length of 8. The vehicle will have the capacity to accommodate a driver, mechanic, commander and the crew of recovered main battle tank MBT. The overall weight of the vehicle will be approximately 78t.

It will have a hoisting capacity of 40t 80,lbpick and carry capacity of 32t 64,lb and recovery capacity of 80t ,lb. The vehicle will feature upgraded seven-station hydro-pneumatic suspension units HSUs for improved cross country mobility, and performance during recovery operations.

Vertical obstacle crossing of the vehicle will be 1m, whereas trench crossing will be 2. It is designed to provide enhanced agility and…. Get important industry news and analysis sent to your inbox — sign up to our e-Newsletter here.

Projector Mapping With HeavyM

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Types of Construction Projects – What are They and Why You Should Care

It is designed to provide enhanced agility and… 11 Sep Join Our Newsletter Get important industry news and analysis sent to your inbox — sign up to our e-Newsletter here.More Images. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Superstars Of The 70's — Volume 2. Record Company — Warner Communications Inc. Copyright c — Warner Special Products, Inc. A subsidiary of Warner Communications Inc.

Manufactured By Warner Special Products. Records Inc. Recently found an ok copy of this LP, I remember having it in highschool. Immediately after a cleaning, I was swept up in it's awesomeness Worth the price just for those tracks alone, and there is SO much more! Grab it if you find a clean copy Reply Notify me Helpful.

heavy m projects

Galley July 7, Report. Is it me, or is this LP set pressed a little bit too quiet? This was advertised on TV in I was 13 and living in the midwest and the album introduced me to some groups that I had never heard. Loved it and played them til I wore them out.

Reply Notify me 2 Helpful. Johnny-Roe July 4, Report. The engineers really punched up the audio to give it more of a "power" feeling to it. My comment would echo wubworld's - an amazing compilation. Got it when I was 12 years old, and was blown away by almost every track! Apparently they weren't too clearly defined on what 'heavy metal' was inalthough 'smoke on the water', 'iron man' and 'kick out the jams' were true seminal metal.

heavy m projects

Worth owning for "Freedom" by Jimi Hendrix alone.Last updated: Apr 27, Published: Jan 21, Reading time: 3 minutes.

Prompt PaymentLegal Issues. What type of construction project are you working on? This is an important question for a whole host of construction payment-related issues.

In fact, determining the project type is an essential question that is asked of you every time you enter a new project. Their different construction types, therefore, are simply:. Instead, they set requirements based on who owns the project.

Just look at prompt payment lawsmechanics lien and bond claim rightsand pretty much any other law that affects your right to payment on a job. Broadly speaking, you can separate construction project types into 3 categories :.

The first type of construction project is the Private Construction Project. Put simply, private projects are projects of every type that are owned, controlled or commissioned by a private party.

Private parties include individuals, homeowners, corporations, other business entities, non-profit associations, privately funded schools, hospitals, publicly traded companies, etc. Anything, in other words, that is not the government. These subcategories would include:. Whenever construction work is being performed to a single-family residence or a residential facility with usually less than 3 or 4 units.

If you are working on an apartment complex this would more likely be considered a commercial project instead of a residential project.


Similarly, if you are working at a condominium, the work would be residential if upon a single unit, but if on the entire complex or the common elements, the work would more likely be considered commercial.

Commercial construction is the construction of any buildings or similar structures for commercial purposes. Commercial construction includes a huge variety of projects including building restaurants, grocery stores, skyscrapers, shopping centers, sports facilities, hospitals, private schools and universities, etc. This is a relatively small segment of the construction industry. These projects include power plants, manufacturing plants, solar wind farms, refineries, etc.

They can be pretty traditional projects like the construction of a public school or government building like a court room. These projects can also be pretty sophisticated, such as the construction of a bridge, sewer line, highways, etc. Federal construction projects are very similar to state projects. Just like state projects they can take on a variety of forms: very simple and traditional, and very complex.

The difference is in who owns and controls the project. If work is done on a state courthouse using federally provided funds, it is a state project. Work done on a federally funded interstate is usually a state project because the states control the highways.

Work done through the US Army Corps of Engineers, however, even on state land such as the levees, is always a federal project because it is federally controlled. Why does this all matter? The differences are very important because the laws governing your construction project are significantly different depending on the type of construction project.

First of all, mechanics lien requirements and bond claim laws are drastically different depending on your project type. But, that is not the only laws that are different. Labor laws and contracting rules are different depending on your project type, and more. These legal differences are why I disagree with the classification system — based on the building type — that so much of the construction industry uses.You want to support us and we'll add your name on the website and in the software's credits.

This low price is only for those who helped fund. This version won't be released again after this campaign. It's a proof you're one of our earliest supporter! Be among the first to get a digital downloadable copy of HeavyM for PC or Mac OS, at a special price because you're one of our earliest supporter! A new visual effect will be designed with YOU, and integrated in HeavyM with the name of your choice. Meet the team and let's make a big party together with HeavyM's projection mapping.

May 27, - Jun 30, 34 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. HeavyM, bring projection to another level! Let's imagine projection mapping in the hands of all the creative people. The HeavyM Team. Last updated June 12, Share this project.

Heavy Metals in Science

You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. Support Select this reward. Estimated delivery Sep Kickstarter is not a store. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Learn more about accountability.

Select this reward.No animation skills required to create projection mapping effects! This projection mapping tool makes it possible to create audio-reactive visuals with just a few clicks. Adapts all your animations with the most intuitive projection mapping software. Combine animations with your music thanks to our projection mapping software.

With our free projection mapping softwareadapt the projection of your animations to the chosen mapping surfaces in just a few minutes. Use the preset shapes or draw your own ones for more creative freedom. Transform the space according to your imagination. Turn your brightest ideas into outstanding visual experiences thanks to the largest and most complete library of visual effects on the market.

There are more than 1, potential combinations, which leaves endless room for customization. HeavyM is the projection mapping software which has the most ready-to-use content in the world. Automatically sync visual effects to your music. Built-in sound analysis allows you to create a show with perfect visual and sound coherence. It then becomes very easy to automate sound synchronisation so as to focus on your music performance.

HeavyM also instantly matches the tempo from other apps with Ableton Link.

heavy m projects

It will perfectly project your content to create sensational visual experiences. You can import as many media as you like, it is limitless. In addition to the integrated visual effectsyou have shaders at your disposal.

Clearly, the rendering is like a video but you can completely customize the colors, speed, intensity, position, It's magic! Get more freedom during your live shows. Control projection mapping visual effects with buttons, potentiometers or pads. All MIDI controller models are compatible. Be free to project your content on the most complex surfaces, thanks to the warping module. This great image warping tool allows you to perfectly fit your media to objects.

The warping grid becomes your best ally to fulfill your ideas and desires with success. When I became a professional DJ inI wanted to stand out by integrating stage lighting design to my performances: projection mapping appeared to me as the perfect solution.

When emotional events such as weddings require a very personalised atmosphere, I can create a high-tech visual animation with projection mapping. I chose HeavyM because it is always easy to use. I can use it anywhere and completely transform a place: in the blink of an eye, a lifeless wall turns into a pyrotechnic show or an elegant waterfall.

My performances have evolved a lot thanks to HeavyM and my clients love projection mapping! I am self-taught in many areas and have developed my knowledge and skills with user guides and instruction manuals. I discovered HeavyM when it was in beta test phase four years ago. There was one single video in French but it was explained well!

Heavy Civil Construction

HeavyM provided solutions for my problems with time-wasting actions that caused me too much work and too many issues with other programs.However, the term means something slightly different in common usage, referring to any metal capable of causing health problems or environmental damage. Examples of heavy metals include lead, mercury and cadmium.

Less commonly, any metal with a potential negative health effect or environmental impact may be termed a heavy metal, such as cobalt, chromium, lithium and even iron. According to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry or IUPAC, the term "heavy metal" may be a " meaningless term " because there is no standardized definition for a heavy metal.

Some light metals or metalloids are toxic, while some high-density metals are not. For example, cadmium generally is considered a heavy metal, with an atomic number of 48 and specific gravity of 8. For a given metal, the toxicity varies widely depending on the allotrope or oxidation state of the metal. Hexavalent chromium is deadly; trivalent chromium is nutritionally significant in many organisms, including humans.

The essential heavy metals may be needed to support key enzymes, act as cofactors, or act in oxidation-reduction reactions. While necessary for health and nutrition, excess exposure to the elements can cause cellular damage and disease. Specifically, excess metal ions can interact with DNA, proteins, and cellular components, altering the cell cycle, leading to carcinogenesis, or causing cell death.

Exactly how dangerous a metal is depends on several factors, including the dose and means of exposure. Metals affect species differently. Within a single species, age, gender, and genetic predisposition all play a role in toxicity. However, certain heavy metals are of grave concern because they can damage multiple organ systems, even at low exposure levels.

These metals include:. In addition to being toxic, these elemental metals are also known or probable carcinogens. These metals are common in the environment, occurring in air, food, and water.

They occur naturally in water and soil. Additionally, they are released into the environment from industrial processes. Source :. Tchounwou, C. Yedjou, A. Patlolla, D. Share Flipboard Email. Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph. Chemistry Expert. Helmenstine holds a Ph.

She has taught science courses at the high school, college, and graduate levels. Facebook Facebook Twitter Twitter.Doosan is also making substantial inroads into the eco-friendly power generation business including wind power, ESS Energy Storage System and microgrid. Currently, we are undertaking the Samcheok thermal power plant project in Korea and executed successfully the MongDuoung 2 and Vinhtan 4 coal-fired thermal power plants in Vietnam. We have also executed the 2,MW Rabigh 2 heavy oil thermal power plant in Saudi Arabia, and are widely recognized as the builder of the best coal-fired and heavy oil thermal power plants in the world.

Doosan is recognized for its ability to manufacture and supply materials and equipment and its competitiveness in carrying out EPC projects on the strength of its accumulated project experience. Brand cues stand for all the methods of expression that Doosan employs to deliver its brand, including its logo, corporate identity, slogans, and communication activities.

Click the following links to see more related topics. Brand Cues. Global Performances. Social Responsibility.

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